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Whether during the Ryder Cup, the Kentucky Derby, or other special events, the KSA and our TEAM Kentucky partners are proud of our Commonwealth. Kentucky plays host to many sports events throughout the year; we hope you will join us!

6th Annual Pickleball Tournament January 27,2017-January 28,2017 Louisville
Spring 2017 Archery Lessons February 21,2017-March 16,2017 Louisville
25th Annual Irish Classic 10K March 11,2017-March 11,2017 Louisville
Spring Archery Leagues April 04,2017-April 27,2017 Louisville
Goose Creek 5K April 08,2017-April 08,2017 Louisville
Spring Tennis Leagues April 10,2017-June 03,2017 Louisville
Tour De Kingdom Come May 20,2017-May 20,2017 Cumberland
Summer Archery Lessons July 06,2017-July 27,2017 Louisville
Fall Archery Leagues October 03,2017-October 26,2017 Louisville
Cache the Park After Dark October 28,2017-October 28,2017 Louisville

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